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  • Advices to optimally install water treatment!
    Published : 05/2/2019 15:23:09 | Categories :

    Advices to install water treatment At your pool installation, the water treatment system can be an essential element, and sometimes, the most difficult to set up. Let's take the example of an tr [...]

  • PoolPlanet delivers to Dom-Tom.
    Published : 11/26/2018 12:53:18 | Categories : , , , , , , ,

    PoolPlanet is going to the conquest for new markets during winter months. Look at the hostile environment in Cote d'-Azur with fateful temperatures, on the other side of the world, some fo [...]

  • And if your pool was the ideal temperature?
    Published : 09/5/2017 10:12:03 | Categories :

    This is official! Spring is here! And the sunny days are in the luggages! Who says spring, says discount on the way of pool. Indeed, from 10-12 degrees, it is recommended to set on your pool to [...]

  • Why to prefer a variable speed pump ?
    Published : 02/15/2017 15:10:15 | Categories :

    Central point of your installation, with the filter pump you can eliminate dirt present in water like pine needles, leaves, and others. This is also the most energy-consuming equipment. In fact, [...]

  • PoolPlanet is also present in DOM-TOM!
    Published : 12/14/2016 13:49:00 | Categories : , , , , , , ,

    We also deliver in DOM-TOM ! Hello everyone! The new autiomn has arrived and the cold front has moved into France...The swimming pools are overwintered, water is cold and the week-ends became mo [...]

  • These little things for your pool!
    Published : 08/3/2016 19:06:57 | Categories :

    Summer is arrived! Are you going on holidays or on walking in Alps, Vosges or Pyreneen mountains? Finally, never mind! What are you looking for is a clean swimming pool that you could enjoy it [...]

  • Pool lighting : Which power should I pick? what light?
    Published : 03/9/2015 21:37:52 | Categories :

    When choosing pool light, several elements are to be taken into account: which power to choose, what light I desire? Decrypting of possible options.