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Power supply 

If you're looking for simple or modular power supply, PoolPlanet selected for you the most suitable power supplies to pilot the pool essentiel functions. For example, the range POCCOLO's monofunctional power supplies're aimed for pool essential functions control as filtration, floodlights, sweeps, etc...

You could also find multifunctional power supplies that allow to control all pool equipments by using one power supply.

  • Discover range Piccolo's power supplies produced especially for pool floodlight. Every power supply can maintain one or several floodlights according to models.

  • CCEI brand's DHG-2 frost-free device is a simple and performant security system in frost-free conditions adjustable to existant installation. It allows to make water circulation in canalisations and to avoid fissures.

  • With PoolPlanet's daily programming filtration pump timer, you can realise pool filtration. Protected by magneto-thermic circuit breaker, the timer provides pool cleaning programming.

  • PoolPlanet is offering a good choice of Panorama pool power panels. By using these panels, control pool filtration and add functionalities as subaquatic lighting.

  • With METEO-R power panel, you have all pool functions joined in one panel. You optimize space in your technical room and classify filtration management according to water temperature, you also optimize frost-free protection, light management at a distance, water sensor and automatic filling of the pool and other options joined in only one panel.

  • With ergonomic design, Piccolo panels for underground technical room allow filtering control, one or more lights power supply and outside 230V switch-controlled light control. These panels are made especially for technical room and programming's realising due to outside remote-control. The functions are available and can be controlled from outside of technical room.

  • Piccolo panels are composed by panels of different configurations:

    The most simple panels allow filtering control with programming timer, but the most progressive panels are equipped by 230V lights connexion, 30mA differential protection, light power supply of various power or sweeper switch.