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Sale! SPECTRUM UV - Elecro engineering - Désinfection de l'eau de piscine par ultra-violets View larger

SPECTRUM Hybrid 110W – ELECRO UV treatment

With Spectrum UV 110W pool sterilizer, you can disinfect water of the pool up to 100 m³ and eliminate all the bacteria. This sterilizer is available in two models:  with lamp life indicator and a reset control or with digital lamp life indicator and peristaltic pump.

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Data sheet
Power: 110 (2 x 55 W)
Waterproofing: IP 64
Pond volume: Maximum 100m³ (100,000 litres)
Pressure: 3 bars
Maximum flow: 36 m³ / Hours
Construction: ELECRO
Guarantee: 2 years
Entry/exit thread: 2" / 63 mm
Included components: 5 metres of cable. Wall support.
UV-C production: 36 W ( 2x 18 W)
Operating pressure: Low pressure operating.
UV lamps service life: 8 000 H
End-of-life indicator for lamps: Yes
Oxidisation Process : Hydroxyl Radicals (OH)
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Installation and functioning of UV Spectrum

With UV Spectrum sterilizer, you keep the water healthy and clear. The power of its two lamps 2x55W is adapted for private pool up to 100 m³. Metal and robustly-constructed enclosure ensures UV protection of the lamps. To ensure optimum efficiency, the enclosure optimizes water by exposure to ultraviolet rays and also guarantees quartz tube rinsing. The polished titanium reaction chamber creates a process of thermal treatment, especially oxidation and produces hydroxyl radicals (OH), it increases the sterilization by 45 % in comparison of traditional UV. The UV hybrids Spectrum costs more than common bulb to function properly. UV Spectrum is suitable for your installation and you can fit it horizontally or vertically on robust wall (the wall must be strong enough to carry the weight of the tanks full of water).

How UV (Ultra-Violet) sterilizer works?

The sterilizer uses a very lean process to purify pool water. Due to an optimized circuit into the device, water  enters into contact with UV-C radiation generated by Ultra-Violet lamps. It permits to destroy micro-organisms, bacteria and disease agents that resist to classic chemical treatment. All the organisms go through the effects of direct UV-C radiation exposure. Radiation in high doses destroys DNA cells in a few seconds and leads to the irreversible degradation of their reproductive systems. When water is finished the internal circuit into sterilizer it becomes clean and healthy!


Montage du spectrum UV Hybride

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