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Reduced price! Salt chlorinator and pH regulator - Limpido Z2 - CCEI View larger

Salt chlorinator and regulator - Limpido Z - CCEI

The Limpido Z is a complete and smart chlorinator, ideal for integral thermoregulated treatment including pH regulator in Z2 version and pH and ORP regulator in Z3 version for pools between 10 and 75 m³.

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680,00 €
Data sheet
Description: Limpido Z2 25 - Pool 25 m3 Limpido Z2 50 - Pool 50 m3 Limpido Z2 75 - Pool 75 m3 Limpido Z3 25 - Pool 25 m3 Limpido Z3 50 - Pool 50 m3 Limpido Z3 75 - Pool 75 m3
Control system: Easy control of chlorinator
Chlorine production: 2 - 5 g
Pond volume: between 10 m3 and 75m3
Setting range: pH 3,7 - 9,9 ORP 500 - 850 mV ( Only Z3 version )
Power supply: 230V AC - 50 Hz
Maximum flow: 22 m³/h
Construction: CCEI
Guarantee: 2 years
Working pressure: 3 bar maximum
Accessoiries: 1 coffret Limpido Z® 1 Cellule d’électrolyse unions Ø50 1 Solution d’étalonnage pH7 et pH9 1 Sonde de pH et ORP (version Z3 uniquement ) 2 vis + 2 chevilles (fixation murale) 1 câble avec connecteur 2 points raccordement optionnel "contact couverture"
Accessoires supplémentaire Colliers de prise en charge Ø50/1⁄2’’ portes-sondes 1 Injecteur 1 crépine d’aspiration. 4m de tube cristal pour injection 1 Notice technique 1 Agrafe pour le connecteur cellule 1 kit (galet+tube) de rechange pour la pompe pH
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Limpido Z2 Salt chlorinator, smart electrolysis!

The Limpido Z2 is a compact multifunctional chlorinator, It combines salt chlorinator and pH regulation. There are 3 versions of the Limpido Z2: Z2 25 for the pools up to 25 m³, Z2 50 for pools up to 50 m³ and Z2 75 for pools up to 75 m³.

The Limpido Z2 is operting with a ultra-compact transparent and luminous cell (185 mm) of ZELIA. This salt chlorinator has temperature probe optimizing chlorine production according to the temperature. With this transparent and luminous chlorine-free salt cell you will be instantly aware of the device's state by opening technical room. Indeed, the transparent cell changes color according to the temperature and the salinity level. The cell is also self-cleaning, ease of maintenance. 

 When there are no production, the color depends on water temperature, la couleur est fonction de la température de l'eau

Couleur Zelia en fonction de la température de l'eau

 During chlorine production, the color depends on water salinity.

couleur de la cellule Zelia en fonction de la salinité de l'eau

The device is also detecting the presence of pool cover and automatically adjusts operating time. 

Integrated pH treatment and regulation

In addition to the electrolysis, the Limpido Z2 regulates the necessary pH quantity in the pool. The pH regulation is made automatically to guarantee the electrolysis treatment efficiency. The measuring range is between 3,7 and 9,9.

Assembly of Limpido Z2

It can be supplied at single-phase 230V 50Hz and is protected by a 30mA differential device according tthe applicable standards. The Limpido Z2 is equipped with flow sensor (integrated in the cell) and hasn't to be enslaved by the filtering. The electrolysis cell is connected directly on the box with a specific connector set on the end of the cord, it can be installed in the bypass line (recommended). 

Montage du Limpido Z2

 Suction filter, pH injector and probe connection.

raccordement de la partie hydraulique du régulateur de pHraccordement de la partie électrique du Limpido Z2

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