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Reduced price! Turbo electrolysis cell up to 160m3 View larger

CCEI Limpido 160 cell round 9-pin plug

CCEI Limpido 160 cell with round 9-pin plug for salt chlorinator - before 2007 - 160m³. Origin cell is compatible with Limpido XC 160 and Limpido XC LAB 160 produced before 2007

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Reference : SFCEL13CN9

498,00 €
Data sheet
Chlorine production: 10 à 15 g/h
Flow (m3/h): 20 m³/h
Construction: Hayward
Guarantee: 2 years
Maximum pressure: 2 bars
Number of electrodes: 13 plates
Plates composition: Plates treated in ruthenium
Plates cleaning: Polarity reversal self-cleaning system
Cables and connection: 9P round connector included
Clamping system: Included
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Cell for Limpido salt chlorinator

Turbo 160 T9P Hayward cell is suitable with Limpido XC salt chlorinators equipped with termoregulation produced before 2007. With these compatible salt chlorinator models you can treat pool up to 160m³

Attention, only models as Limpido XC 160 and XC LAB 160 produced before 2007 are compatible with this cell.

Treatment titanium plates

Turbo 160 T9P Hayward electrolysis cell is supported on three points and equipped with ruthenium treated titanium plates. It allows to the cell to have a significant salt production capacity and resist over time.

Reliability and easy maintenance of electrolysis cell

Salt chlorinator cell for Limpido XC is fited with self-cleaning system by polarity inversion. It permits to avoid scaling and cell life time around 10 000 hours. If there are functional problems, the guarantee is for two years.

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