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PHENIX pH and ORP automatic regulator - CCEI

The Phenix regulator combines the pH regulation and RedOx analysis

It is designed to support the salt chlorinator, it guarantees the high efficiency for pool water treatment. 

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Reference : PF10J025

281,80 €
Data sheet
Description: pH regulation and ORP analyzer for salt electrolysis
Waterproofing: IP-55
Measuring range: pH meter between 3,9 and 9,9 RedOx analysis between 10 and 990mV
Measurement accuracy: +/- 0,1
Digital display: OUI
Power supply: 230V - 50Hz - single phase power supply
Maximum flow: 1,8 l/h
Construction: CCEI
Guarantee: 2 years
Accessoiries: 4 m de tube cristal. 3 Prises en charge en 50 mm 1 Crépine d’aspiration pour correcteur pH 1 Injecteur 1 Solution d’étalonnage à pH7 1 Solution d’étalonnage à pH9 1 Solution d’étalonnage à 650mV
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PH regulation: water balance regulation

It regularly controls the pH balance of the pool water and the digital monitor displays the metered quantity. To increase the efficiency of the injected chlorine into pool water, the pH balance must be measured between 7,0 and 7,6. The PHENIX regulator controls and regulates the pool water acidity for optimized water treatment. 

Automatic pH regulation 

The Phenix automatically adapts its correcting solution injection depending on measured pH. The pH probe placed after filtration allows to control pH balance and to adapt the regulation.  

RedOx  regulation: to measure the oxidizing potential of the pool.

The Phenix is a analysis device  for measuring redox potential of the pool water. This redox potential or ORP (Oxydo Reduction Potential) is expressed in millivolts (mV) and shows an indication of water disinfectant capacity and sanitary state. The higher the potential, the highest water disinfectant power. Generally, the potential has to be placed between 550mV and 800mV. For public pools, legislation requires the minimum potential between 650mV and 750mV depending on countries.

When the measured RedOx potential is under the nominal value, the Phenix regulator activates the closure of the relay which can be used to control dosing pump or chlorine production of the chlorinator.

Installation of Phenix regulator

Schéma de montage du Phenix

Accessories supplied with The Phenix

  • 4 m of crystal tube
  • 3 sockets of 50 mm
  • 1 Suction strainer for pH corrector
  • 1 Injector
  • 1 pH7 Calibration solution
  • 1 pH9 Calibration solution
  • 1 650mV calibration solution
  • 1 pH probe
  • 1 RedOx (ORP) probe
  • 2 probe supporting
  • 1 enslaving cord