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ATHENA 2 PR PH - INJECTA - PH regulation View larger

Athena 2 PR pH or ORP regulation - INJECTA - Digital magnetic pump

ATHENA PR digital magnetic pump has proportionnel flow rate that allow pH or ORP regulation of the pool. Discover too HELIOS 1 digital automatic control panel with 2 ATHENA PR pumps. This intelligent system permits at the same time to adjust pH and ORP balance

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483,33 €
Data sheet
Conception: INJECTA
Waterproofing: IP65
Digital display: 2 x 16-character LCD backlit display.
Power supply: 100 à 240 VAC 50/60 Hz stabilized power supply with low absorption.
Guarantee: 2 years
PH measurement scale: pH 0 - 14
ORP measurement scale: Measurement range Rx : -999 to +999 mV
Material used for the head: PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride): Particulary adapted to chemical products used in industrial applications, for water treatment and to improve the efficiency of treatment of drinking water!
Material used for balls: Ceramic, dosing reliability and chemical compatibility
Material used for membrane: PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene): makes resistant and compatible with all chemical products
Programming and operation: 5 selectable languages. Possibility to program a security password. Operating statistics display. de programmer un mot de passe de sécurité. Affichage des statistiques de fonctionnement. Alarm repetition relay.
Calibration: Automatic or manual caibration with an indication of the probe effectiveness.
Flow: 5 l/h
Pressure: 8 bar
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Injecta 2 PR pump's functioning 

Injecta 2 PR pump is offering a very wide pH measuring range from 0 to 14 and a very large Redox measurement range from -999 to +999 mV. pH compensation depends on temperature  and may be accomplished automatically or manually. Calibration of the probe also can be carried out automatically or manually and you will find out indicators to monitor program effectiveness of Injecta 2 PR pump. Injecta 2 PR pump is fited with an integrated clock timer retardation pump dosing. Sometimes, when dosing pump switching on, it's necessary to wait for chemical measurement stabilization before doing the correct dosing procedure. To simplify the work of the installer, in the"Settings" menu of Injecta 2 PR pump we propose you clock timer to delay dosing when switching the pump on.

Choose a different version of pH, ORP or panel combining both regulators

Injecta 2 PR pump is designed for pH and ORP regulation. If you are looking for one of the regulations, you need only select the particular version that best meets your needs and Injecta 2 PR pump will be supplied with all specific accessories for pH or ORP regulation.

If you are interested in complet solution and you would like at the same time to regulate pH and ORP balance, we offer automatic digital panel Helios 1 with integrated PH & Redox ORP regulation. This panel is equipped with Injecta Athena 2 PR pump of pH version and Injecta Athena 2 PR pump of ORP version. This panel is supplyed with the following accessories: 2x Athena 2 PR pumps, 1x Redox probe & 1 pH probe, buffer solutions, probe holders, filters, vannes and PVC / PE tubes.

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