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LINEO 5S Buffer tank level regulation - CCEI

Lineo 5S buffer tank level regulation with water tank. With its 5 conductivity probes, the Lineo 5S will maintain water level of your infinity-edge pool.

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Reference : PF10L022

441,66 €
Data sheet
Level control: 5 sondes
Waterproofing: IP-55
Power supply: 230V AC
Construction: CCEI
Guarantee: 2 years
Protection system: Water lack sensor
Accessoiries: Including 1" 24V solenoid valve and sieve filter.
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Water level management for all infinity-edge pools. 

Lineo 5S level controller is a device of choice for all types of infinity-edge pools: mirror pool ( with evacuation on each side) with an underground buffer system.

5 level probes for optimal management 

The Lineo 5S level controller continuously maintains pool water level. With its 5 conductivity probes, the Lineo 5S detects water level fluctuations and adapts to the changes. Especially adapted to the infinity-edge pools with the buffer tank. Managed by the micro-controller, this regulating device constantly keeps the water level. LINEO system automatically manages the filling process and  the device for minimum water level and pump start level according to a detected level. It also detects the phenomenon of the overflow and acts optimally to control this overflow. The LINEO also controls an electric solenoid valve.

The LINEO is provided tdetect 4 different levels into the buffer tank:

1. Lack of water level

2. Start of filling level

3. End of filling level

4. Level overflow

Many features

If the water level is too high or too low, the Lineo 5S automatically fills or quickly empties the pool. It permits also to protect filter pump from the water lack or can discharge the pool over a solenoid valve. 

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