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RTi-U electric pool heater - CCEI

Available in 12kW, 15kW and 18kW version, the RTi-U pool titanium electric heater is particulary adapted to heat large pools. 

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1 083,33 €
Data sheet
Pond volume: up to100m3
Digital display: Electronic thermostat with digital display.
Heater type power: 12kW
Power supply: 230V / 50 Hz.
Heating rate: 15 à 30°C
Type of installation: Wall mounting.
Construction: CCEI
Guarantee: 2 years
Protection system: Heating protection.
Accessoiries: Double titanium immersion heater.
Programming and operation: Daily programming clock.
Flow: Abnormal flow switch.
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Heat the pool and enjoy it all year long

The RTi-U pool heater can be installed on the pools up to 120m³ to obtain a comfortable pool temperature earlier or later on the season. With electronic thermostat and digital display, you can easily adjust pool temperature. For maximum techical room spacesaving the RTi-U electric pool heater is directly fited to pool pipes. The heater is supplied with all of the necessary accessories for setup (fittings, 63/50 reduction), fixing system. The RTI-U heater is compatible with all the standard filter equipments: sand filtering, cartridge and diatom filter. The BLUE TITANIUM electric heater is supplied with the titanium immersion heater for aoptimal resistance to corrosion. The heaters should always be installed before water treatment devices.

The RTI-U heaters are equipped with programming clock. During the water temperature increase phase, it is strictly recommended to use the heater in manual mode (clock by-pass). However, the best interest of the clock is the end of temperature increase and the heater is used  to maintain the water temperature during a defined time of the day (for example: between 14h and 18h). Indeed, the pool thermal losses are decreasing when the water temperature is decreasing too. It is therefore of interest to let relapse water temperature during the non utilization phase (example: at night) and heating system must be put before using. The clock allows to manage heating period and thus make savings on heating time. The clock use is depending on everybody needs; the clock should therefore be programmed from case to case

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