Since more than 5 years, as a high performant specialist, PoolPlanet has been offering covers devices, particularly designed for pool maintenance and use. We are working in close partnership with manufacturers recognised by pool professionals.

By focusing on your needs and technological mega trends, we are constant selecting the most suitable equipment from the catalogues of our partners: energy saving LED lighting, water treatment with minimum chemical products, easy to use and install control panels, smart filter pumps, vacuum cleaners and efficient robotic cleaners and so on.

First of all, we are pool expert 

For several years, we have been working with CCEI company, who became later our main supplier. Therefor, we learned to be offering devices key specialist. Each person, who joined our sales team, had one or more years of experience in the middle of the pool in order to offer you the best quality and customised services. 

Customised services

As the pool is an aleatory universe, it requires many skills. When choosing PoolPlanet, you get ongoing assistance from professionals who will support you from design to completion and help you get your project done by phone or email. 

Payment in all security and quick delivery (we're already recognised in more than 20 countries)

To ensure safety purchases on our site, we are using a recognised payment platform and equipped with a safety certificate. You can choose to pay at one time or make multiple payments.

To provide our optimal service, all your orders are delivered directly from our storage platform. Each parcel is sent in the coming two days. Our usual delivery method is Colissimo recorded delivery parcel but we also offer a delivery in 24h via Chronopost, DHL or UPS. We send all over France, in most European countries but also around the world (overseas territories (DOM-TOM), Morocco, Polynesia, etc.).

Privileged partners

Since PoolPlanet creation, we have been working with CCEI, french manufacturer of electrical pool equipment. We are placing the user's needs at the centre of our attention. So in the context of increasingly innovations and your needs, the support of a reliable and competent partner is absolutely essential and we are choosing to work with new suppliers recognised for their professionalism. 

The main PoolPlanet partner is CCEI, french manufacturer specialised in pool equipment since more 40 years. First of all, CCEI is a specialist of the control panel, known for LED lighting and water treatment equipment. Each year CCEI holds leading positions by innovating the most performant devices recognised over the pool market.

Pentair, american company,  has become over the years the worldwide pool equipment leader. Over the last decade, Pentair has been doing the best to offer performant devices and sustainable solution for the pool users. All over the world, we find tens of millions pools equipped by Pentair devices, and why not yours?

Injecta, dosing and regulation specialist, is an italian manufacturer of measuring pumps and complete pool control systems (individual or collective). Injecta is a supplier of many manufacturers of water treatment equipment in France and Europe. By choosing Injecta, we chose the industrial devices.

ELECRO ENGINEERING is an english manufacturer of pool heating systems, but also UV water sterilisers. Elecro is recognised in all european market for the reliability and efficiency of its devices. For more 15 years ELECRO ENGENEERING has been succeeding in creating a good reputation even outside of the pool middle.

Little known in the European market, HM DIGITAL is a manufacturer specialised in many fields: pool testers, aquaculture, water purification, etc. Real industrial, HM DIGITAL is offering salt, pH or RedOx ultra-precise testers. With these devices, we are offering american industrial quality in France.

For over 25 years, the company KOKIDO has been innovating pool devices or around the pool devices aimed to make the pool as a pleasant place, easy to maintain. Robotic vacuum cleaners, lighting peripheral devices, and other products. Their taste for innovation has led us to integrate to our catalogue to make you enjoy the quality of their products.