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These little things for your pool!

Published : 08/3/2016 19:06:57
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Summer is arrived! Are you going on holidays or on walking in Alps, Vosges or Pyreneen mountains? Finally, never mind! What are you looking for is a clean swimming pool that you could enjoy it at home after work! Usually, at this time of the year, your pool is already equipped with:  

  •  ○ Water treatment? OK !
  •  ○ Filtration? OK !
  •  ○ LED lighting? OK !
  •  ○ Control panel? OK !

If not, we offer, obviously, a large range of equippment with a very competitive prices!

Today we will stay on the elements, not very expensive, that can perturb your well-being! We will talk about spare parts for your equippment that can go down during the season and is necessary to continue the swimming pool use. It is rather like to bust the car's tyre and discover that there are no spare tyres...

Maintain electrical control panel:

Principally, the electrical control panel permits to manage filtration pump and protect it against under and over-voltages. That is why, it is generally equipped with thermal magnetic circuit breaker adapted to the pump current and programming timer allowing definition of filtration operating ranges. 

For electrical control panels, we propose effective circuit breaker range compatible with all the standard panels in the market. They are placed on the DIN rails. Thus, you can replace your circuit breaker ia few minutes and easily reconnect your filtration pump. 

To manage your pump operation, you always use a programming timer to define 30 minutes and hours of pool filtration start on. Over time, these timers can broke down and this is necessary to replace it if you wish to automate your pool. We offer different types of standard timer for your panel: built-in or to install on DIN rail.

And what is about power panels for projector?

The power panels for projectors are equipped with toric transformer to have obligatory 12V voltage to use lighting in pool. After a few years, the transformer can broke down (extreme overheating or overvoltage etc.) and it has to be replaced. In this case, we propose standard 220/12V transformers of different power for your panels.

Toroidal transformer poolplanet

Electrolysis cell:

The most important element of chlorinator is cell. This cell is equipped with titanium plates powered by electrolysis panel to product chlorine if there are solt in water. The life-service of the cell is about from 4 to 12 years depending on water hardness, calcium and good maintenance. 

When it is broken down, all water treatment system will be in danger. Your chlorine will not product the chlorine and the pool will go green. We offer a range of electrolysis cell compatible with all devices manufactured by CCEI, but also with other brends.

Cell for electrolyser CCEI

Testers and pH regulators:

The water treatment is realised not only by chlorinator (or other type of disenfectant). There are also pH regulators and testers that permit to measure elements in water quickly. To calibrate your probes, or to test pH, salt we offer a range of solutions and of performant electronic testers and at accessible prices

To regulate pH, you can get a dosing pump if this one is broken down, or select to replace only a santoprentube inside (or dosing support). Thus, all your water treatment can be effective and will not be perturbed by the little defective part!


With all these elements, you are all set to swimming pool maintenance! We did not talk about lighting refurbishment, this is already done in our previous issue!

Good swimming!

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