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PoolPlanet delivers to Dom-Tom.

Published : 11/26/2018 12:53:18
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PoolPlanet is going to the conquest fonew markets during winter months. Look at the hostile environment in Cote d'-Azur with fateful temperatures, on the other side of the world, some fortunate is immersing its head under water. Our cocooning afrenoon has nothing to envy of afternoon under the sky!

Dom-Tom habitants, PoolPlanet is here for you

If your are living either in Guadeloupe, or in Martinique, or in Reunion island, or in Mayotte, or in New Caledonia, the PoolPlanet team is focusing on answering to your specific needs with the deepest sympathy, the responsiveness and true professionalism. We understand your needs and we support your everyday activites! The pool is our speciality, the sky is yours. For several years already, the Dom-Tom habitants have been confiding in PoolPlanet knowledge of well-designed and confortable pool. You, more than anyone, will enjoy of this jewel. That is why we strive to offer you the high quality products according to your needs.

PoolPlanet livre dans les Dom Tom

PoolPlanet, home delivery pool equipment and accessoires 

What would a paradise be without diving into blue water? You are lucky to live in the world's most beautiful islands and we are here to help you to enjoy this chance. With PoolPlanet, you trust the French expertise. From the smallest accessory to the swimming pool, our products are delivered at your door.

Fast and secure delivery

The pool with blue skies? Absolutely! Although, well-designed and well-maintained pool, it is much better! PoolPlanet delivers all necessary product for a good pool maintenance. We are committed to deliver all our equipment within one week. Please allow 48 hours before shipment and than 5 days before delivery at home. Whatever your need, we answer you quickly, with efficiency and precision

Our advisory team will support you for adapted solutions 

We are not just a simple service provider,  even thousands of kilometers away, our advices are customised and adjusted. We offer several different equipment easy to install. Whether it means water treatment (Limpido salt chlorinator) or protection (electrical control panels), our team guides you through althese variations and remains available until the end of your project.

Don't wait any longer and trust in PoolPlanet. We have combined our extensive product range and services 
into an internet presence to allow you to reliably choose the optimal products or services that best match your exact requirements: PoolPlanet.com

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