Advices to optimally install water treatment!

Advices to optimally install water treatment!

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Advices to install water treatment 

At your pool installation, the water treatment system can be an essential element, and sometimes, the most difficult to set up. Let's take the example of an treated pool by chlorine products through electrolysis, assisted by pH and ORP regulators, there are just 3 devices to install, but this is represented by more than 9 elements to add. 

To realise a water treatment system installation, we recommend asking a professional. However, in the case where you install equippment yourself, we strongly recommend that you follow the instructions from the manuals with a sample to guarantee your devices efficiency.

Where to install salt chlorinator? 

In our example, we will work with installation of chlorine production system by salt chlorinator. Being central element of installation, other devices will be placed according to chlorinator and, particulary, electrolysis cell. 

Online or bypass installation?

The first step is consist in defining type of installation to use: online or bypass. Except the case where online installation is not possible, we recommend to use bypass installation. During this installation, you make piping bypass where you set up electrolysis cell. We recommend it for practical reasons. In fact, for maintenance and wintering of electrolysis cell, it is easier to turn off the water supply in one part of the operation than all installation. 

Where to install flow sensor?

The flow sensor has always to be placed before electrolysis cell. Indeed, with flow sensor, chlorinator knows when to send an electrical current in cell and, thus, to product chlorine. In the context of bypass installation, the flow sensor must be installed on the bypass and not before. In fact, if the flow sensor is placed before the bypass, it can show flow in the main pipes while closed bypass without current. Thus, the chlorinator products chlorine in standing water. 

Regulatot or analyzer? How to place it?

These devices, guaranteed effective water treatment, have to be placed after electrolysys cell. For pH regulator, there are two elements to install: pH probe and an acid or basic solution Injector. For ORP analyzer, you only need to install RedOx probe. Where do they have to be placed? PH and ORP probes must be put firstly in the water treatment system. And they will be after filter group (filter and filter pump) and before flow sensor. They are generally situated before bypass. As for the injector with acid or basic solution, it is connected to dosing pump of the device, it has be located the last one; after electrolysis cell. This is the same case for injector linked to Oxeo (ORP regulator). Once the position of different elements to install is determined, we will discuss about installation in more detail in a future issue.

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