And if your pool was the ideal temperature?

And if your pool was the ideal temperature?

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This is official! Spring is here! And the sunny days are in the luggages! Who says spring, says discount on the way of pool. Indeed, from 10-12 degrees, it is recommended to set on your pool to avoid the growth of algae blooms in water. We will discuss it in our next issue. Today this is heaters that will allow enjoy the pools from now

What is a pool heater ?

To start, this first question has to be answered. The heater is an device that permits to heat progressively water temperature. A heater is composed of:

  • ○ a conrol panel to reach the desired temperature
  • ○ an electrical heating element in which the water circulates; these electrical heating element are equipped with titanium resistors powered by control unit. Thus, with water in the elctrical heating elements, this one heats continuously. Then, the water is send to pipes circuit and is returned to the swimming pool. 

Quite often, the heater is an unique element with assembled control unit and electrical heating element.  

Heater power is measured in kilowatts (kW). When the power is highest, the heater is more effective at heating water in a swimming pool. 

Important element, there are heaters for all types of pool: above-ground swimming pool, underground and wooden pools, etc.

Installation and Commisioning :

As mentioned earlier, a heater is installed on a normal circuit of pool pipes. After we install filtration group and before water treatment devices. They are powered as standard devices, 230VAC (or 400V three-phased models).

Generally, the heaters are connected in standard dimeters on pipes (50 or 63 mm). 

Once installation is done, you should define the value to reach and your heater will heat water automatically until the target value is reached. After resistors power supply is stopped. It is important do not turn off the heater to hold the charge, even inactive.

Advantages of heater use:

The use of heater for your pool has several advantages. First of all, youwellbeing! You can enjoy your pool wilth ideal temperature, and event during all the seasons, from the first of spring to the winter. Besides, your confort, the heater is the fastest system to encrease the pool temperature. 

In comparison with a heater pump, the electrical heater has some significant financial advantages. The higher purchasprice of performant electrical heater will be 3 t4 times lower.

Last pont, the heater is easy to install, and does not neemuch space in the technical room. In fact, it is fixed to the wall and is installed directly to pool pipes (standard connexion). 

Zoom to Elecro EVOLUTION heater:

After the theory, this is practice! Today we will present a device of our range: the EVOLUTION heater of Elecro. Its advantages are consist in to be easy to install and use, ideal to enjoy the pool quickly.

Very compact (just 220 mm of height, and 160 mm of width), the heater is installed directly to pipes even if you have not a lot of space in your technical room, it is set up directly on the wall of your technical room. The length of titanium resistor is just 46 cm.

For user, everything is already thought! Analogical thermostat in front permits to select desired temperature and the heater is turned on to reach it. And for more security, the heater is equipped with safety circuit breaker that you could also manually restor in case of failure. 

Then, what are you waiting to use heater this summer?

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