Why to prefer a variable speed pump ?

Why to prefer a variable speed pump ?

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Central point of your installation, with the filter pump you can eliminate dirt present in water like pine needles, leaves, and others. This is also the most energy-consuming equipment. In fact, to filter your water in a very efficient manner, you should count several operating hours with average power consumption in Watts. 

To save energy, the manufacturer as Pentair has developped pumps equipped with system with speed variation of a motor. Thus, these variable speed pumps allow to consume less energy, because they don't operate permanently at full power.


The conditions of living around and in the swimming pool make that the pump can not be used at full power.

Indeed, in the periode, where the pool is little used, the pump can be used at a very low speed, because the algae growth is reduced in the water. Thus, the water is continuosly filtered while using less energy. You could save up to several hundred euro per year

The use at a high power is, however, necessary, while setting up the backwash or pool cleaning by surpressor robot, or even animating water jets. The programs of the variable speed pumps, selected by our company, are already embedded into the pump for different ways of use. 


The variable speed pump is very energy efficient. This is also to have swimming pool more effectively filtered. Indeed, the algas is developping faster when the water is much more active. Thus, with reduced speed, water is more calm and algas is developping less rapidly; therefore, the need for filtering is lower.  It is called the law of affinity. So, you filter pool water much better and save money at the same time.  

Another significant advantage, this is noise. In fact, classic filter pump is noise nuisance that could be perturb your afternoons by the side of the water pool. The sound level of the variable speed pump can be equivalent of library noise; you will be sure sure to find peace and quiet


By reducing operating speed of the pump, you also reduce attrition of equipment. It allows to extend pump operating life and, thus, replace your pump as late apossible.

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