Pool lighting : Which power should I pick? what light?

Pool lighting : Which power should I pick? what light?

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Even before defining projector type (as you could see here), It would be better to define desired pool lighting type. There are two types : monochrome lighting and multicolor lighting.


Monochrome lighting is used for three quarters of pools. There are principally three monochrome lighting types: warm white and cold white, then ultramarine blue. The latter light releases a navy blue providing a lagoon aspect.


We don't always know, but there are several types of white: off-white, ecru, and for pool warm and cold.  Lighting is characterised by colour temperature mesured in Kelvin « degrees ». This temperature, from about 1000 to 22 000, permets to define the light source colour, and therefore if the white is warm or cold. The warm white is about from 2500 to 3000 K when the cold white is about 9000 K. The absolute white is nearest of 7000 K.


The cold white, appeared with LED lighting, Le blanc froid, apparu avec les éclairages à LED, approches blue light providing natural aspect of water. The warm white, used especially for traditional incandescent light bulbs, is much closer to yellow, creating a cozy athmosphere in the pool and the garden around. 


The pool colour lighting uses the principale of an additive synthesis. This consists of blending of three primary colours to obtain a multitude of colours (very exactly 4 millions). Thus, the LED blends colours (either directly in LED, or between several LED) and the projector lights up in red, or in green, or in orange, etc. The multicolours projectors as Chroma, or Eolia bulb, are designed with another system: this is RGBW. This system is consists of white colour adding to the additive synthesis in order to obtain more natural, more pure colours and perfect white by blending 4 colours.  


Once the colour is chosen, yoonly havto select the good projectors to obtain an uniform lighting in the pool. Rather than selecting according to the power (Watts), we will move toward more an another technical featurs: the luminous flux in lumens. Thus, the European standard of public pool is required to apply luminous flux of 80 lm / m² (white lighting). Thus for pool of 24 m², you need minimum luminous flux of 1920 lm, it is equivalent to two projectors of 20W or 1 projector of 40W. From now on, for your pool, you could easily calculate your ideal luminous flux!

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