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LED Lighting  

  • PoolPlanet put in your disposition a very complete range of LED lighting for your underground, above ground pool or, simply, for the pond and garden.

  • All lighting is high-tech products based on the latest low energy innovations due to LED technologies.

  • Poolplanet is offering the range of  PAR56 AQUALUX niche for concrete floor and liner compatible with lights as Chroma, Bahia, Bahia XI and Nova.

  • Are you looking for LED lighting for your pool? Discover our range of bulbs for standard niche with LED lights available in multi-colors and BRIO RC pool remote control devices.

    • If you have PAR56 standard niches in your pool, we propose NOVA BAHIA, BAHIA XI and CHROMA light. With adjustable fixing clips they will be adapted easily in the niches.

    • Don’t forget to check if your selected light adjusts with your pool coating. 

    • We offer Brio Rc radio control device for color lighting and remote control.

    • POOL PLANET offers a large range of LED lights to install (screw) into most outlets or suction points as GAÏA and CILIA, MINI CHROMA and MINI BAHIA mini lights.

    • Don’t forget to check if your selected light adjusts with your pool coating. 
    • We offer you radio control device Brio Rc for color lighting.

    • Discover STELLA, it’s a perfect light to install on the wall.
    • With STELLA CLIP adaptor, STELLA replaces easily all Astral Pool halogen lights, Kripsol HAL100 light range and Poolrite Trimlite range. This product is perfect for a renovation project 
    • We offer you Brio Rc radio control device for STELLA color lighting.
  • If you would like to add lighting to above ground pool, select our range of LED above ground pool lighting easy to install directly in the mouth.

  • Control devices with RC and CPL systems make possible long-distance control of pool lights.

    Customise atmosphere in your garden with remote Brio control system.