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Water treatment 

For your pool water treatment, find all the equipment and accessories you need. Poolplanet offers you complete ranges suitable to mainting small and large pools: salt chlorinators, spare cells for chlorinators, UV treatment, pH or ORP regulators.

We've also selected for you a complete range of salt, pH and ORP testers, that will allow at any moment the pool water quality control.

  • PoolPlanet offers you the LIMPIDO range of salt chlorinators produced by CCEI. These salt chlorinators produce a low dose of chlorine to treat the pool water and avoid an excessive chemical amounts. The aim of CCEI salt chlorinators is to make the pool use more pleasant, to avoid dry skin, blurred vision or eyes stinging .

  • For your salt water pool, PoolPlanet and CCEI offer you a replacement range of  HAYWARD® cell compatible with many brands of salt chlorinators, such as LIMPIDO®, HYDRO PRO®, etc ... Contact us to check compatibility of your device with our cells.

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  • UV sterilisation provides water cleaning and makes it good by eliminating bacteriums and algas in your pool. During filtration cycle, water flows inside the purifier and so influence of UV lamp type "C" will purify your pool. UV sterilisation is a complementary product to your ideal treatment system with bromine or chlorine.

  • PH regulation provides the regulation of pH level in pool water to be automated. Phileo pH regulations have a great number of advantages:

    - no more need for chemicals manipulations.
    - water assurance: perfect constant chlorine dosing
    - no more eyes irritation and dry skin

  • ORP regulation makes possible regulation of RedOx (ORP) level in pool water to be automated. ORP regulations of OXEO range present a great number of advantages:

    - no more need for chemicals manipulations.

    - no more hard and imprecise ORP daily adjustment. With regulators ORP OXEO everything is fully automated.

    - reduce your disinfectant consumption. It's good for the planet, good for your health and good for your budget.

  • Discover multifunctional terminals produced by CCEI brand. These terminals are made especially for above-ground pool. It allows, for example, pool water heating and filtration with complementary outside lighting.

  • For your pool water treatment, dispose good accessories. Discover our salt, pH and ORP testers and their solutions. With these devices you could check pool water quality at any moment.

    We also offer pH, ORP probes and maintenance kits for Limpido, Phileo, Oxeo devices and also for other ranges.

  • Discover our salt, pH and ORP testers and their solutions. With these devices you could check pool water quality at any moment.