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Spare parts & accessories 

Discover all the pool equipment's accessories and spare parts: probes, floats, replacement switches, toric transformers or spare parts for robotic cleaner. Find out all spare parts you need in Poolplanet.

  • Electrolyser or power panel's timer does not work any more? PoolPlanet has spare parts you need for your pool equipment like replacement integrated timers such as Piccolo integrated timers.

  • Discover our range of toric transformers to replace faulty transformers.

  • In this range of pool spare parts and accessories, PoolPlanet is offering a great choice of spare switches, reversers or breakers.

  • In this pool spare parts range, PoolPlanet offers circuit breakers and contactors selection for your equipment.

  • 1 inche Solenoid valve type EV24, 100mm Filter-sieve  for EV24, brass Solenoid valve and other accessories to replace one faulty part of your pool equipment.

  • Electronic cards for CCEI products.

  • Are you looking for pool spar parts? Find out in this category our helical antennas selection for your simple pool or bent antennas.

  • You're in possession of Planet cleaner and you're looking for spare parts? PoolPlanet offers filters kit compatible with robotic cleaner and as well as suitable spare brushes.