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Automatic Suction-side pool cleaner 

Robotic vacuum cleaners installed on the suction side are connected on the intake port of the water circulation system. These cleaners are connected either on suction line of your skimmer or your pool has to be equipped by the separated suction port for pool cleaners.

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    The Pentair's Kreepy Kruiser Pro is characterised by its simplicity and efficiency. With only one operational moving part, that generates a necessary energy at once for movements on the floor and on the pool walls. Installed in a few minutes, the cleaner is suitable for both underground and aboveground pools. 

    210,00 €
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    The BlueRebel of Pentair brand is a automatic suction side pool cleaner. With design of two programmed steering wheel, it maneuvers without any problem around the pool and can climb 90 degree floor-to-wall corners. The cleaner is easy to install and compatible with all types of the pools. 

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    208,33 €