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ORP - Redox regulation 

ORP regulation makes possible regulation of RedOx (ORP) level in pool water to be automated. ORP regulations of OXEO range present a great number of advantages:

- no more need for chemicals manipulations.

- no more hard and imprecise ORP daily adjustment. With regulators ORP OXEO everything is fully automated.

- reduce your disinfectant consumption. It's good for the planet, good for your health and good for your budget.

  • 439,00 € 263,40 € In Stock

    ORP regulation (oxidizing power) for Oxeo LT pool. The ideal supplement for salt chlorinator to keep clean water without any effort.

    263,40 € 439,00 €
  • 395,00 € 220,00 € In Stock

    ORP analyzer (oxidizing power) for Oxeo SP pool. It allows automatically to adjust chlorine production according to real need. The product integrates seamlessly with Limpido chlorinator.

    Avis de nos clients : 5 /5
    220,00 € 395,00 €
  • 483,33 € Out of stock

    ATHENA PR digital magnetic pump has proportionnel flow rate that allow pH or ORP regulation of the pool. Discover too HELIOS 1 digital automatic control panel with 2 ATHENA PR pumps. This intelligent system permits at the same time to adjust pH and ORP balance. 

    483,33 €
  • 99,00 € 52,20 € In Stock

    With the ZeliaPod, you won't need to find available space on the pipes in the technical room.  CCEI has innovated in 2017 the ZeliaPod. Now only 185 mm will be enough to integrate into filtering circuit of your swimming pool a Pool Earth, a flow sensor, two probes (pH and ORP, for example) and two injectors (pH, ORP, chlorine etc...). 

    Avis de nos clients : 4 /5
    52,20 € 99,00 €