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Whatever your pool cleaner, manually by vacuum cleaner or automatic pool cleaner, the regular pool cleaning is the perfect additional filtration and disinfection to keep clear and transparent water. Poolplanet has selected the most effective robots and vacuum cleaners on the market and for the best price.

  • Robotic vacuum cleaners installed on the suction side are connected on the intake port of the water circulation system. These cleaners are connected either on suction line of your skimmer or your pool has to be equipped by the separated suction port for pool cleaners.

  • The robotic vacuum cleaners installed on the pressure side are attached to feed back/pumping pressure of your water circulation system. In this plumbing side pool water become clear and filtered. It's due to the water power pressure, the cleaners collect debris and dirt and accumulate it in the bag.

  • The boosters, also named booster pumps for robotic cleaners, are used to improve efficiency of robotic vacuum cleaners. These pumps can increase efficiency of vacuum cleaner up to 25%. They apply water flow pressure and ensure more effective cleaning

  • Discover our electric vacuum cleaners adapted for all types of pools. These effective and performant standalone vacuum cleaners are equipped by rechargeable battery and directly suitable for all telescopic arms.