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Ideal pool is a pond where there is a balance maintenance between good filtration and desinfection balance. Find out in this category our range of simple or variable speed filtering pump and Pentair brand's sand filters that allow clear and transparent water keeping during all the season.

  • PoolPlanet offers Pentair brand specialised on filtration pumps. With more than 40 years of experience and searching, Pentair filtration pumps give you top quality filtration based othe most recentechnologies.

  • Smart variable speed pumps save energy up to 90% compared with fixed speed pumps. This type of pump also has direct influence on water quality and improves removal of waste in filter.

    We are selected for you Pentair's IntelliFlow smart variable speed pump. This pump exactly selects speed or power efficiency to perfectly suit your requirements at any moment of the day

  • Sand filtrer is used to remove suspended solids from water by grains of sand. PoolPlanet chose for you Pentair Cristal-Flo filters. These high-yield filters are able to be compatible with big and small pools. They are equipped by corrosion-resistant high quality thermoplastic tank. The filters are perfectly performant, reliable and energy efficient.